Development and continuity

We have been around in this relatively young business for a very long time.

We have seen trends come and go, have developed constantly over an entire generation – and have always remained faithful to ourselves.


After having completed her Magister Artium studies (politics, social psychology, international law) and after
5 years of experience in organizing trade fairs and personnel procurement, the present Managing Director, Mrs. Carola Deiring, founded MTC together with three other partners.

Prestigious companies such as the Hoechst AG are acquired as customers which facilitates the beginning.

1989 – 1995

Due to the quick expansion of the company, the offices in Frankfurt Nordend soon become too small. MTC moves to Frankfurt City, near the Alte Oper (opera house).

The Bundesgartenschau ("BUGA", the largest annual horticultural show in Germany) in Frankfurt in 1989 is the company´s first major contract.
From April to the middle of October, our hostesses are responsible for all guided tours, take care of press conferences and are in charge of evening events. For the whole 6 months, all assignments and tasks are coordinated at the head office, established on site especially for this occasion.

The great success during this show led to the follow-up contract for the Bundesgartenschau ("BUGA") 1991 in Dortmund.

The trade fair business expands and more and more clients book external personnel for their exhibition stands and events. The Adam Opel AG and the WMF AG are among the company´s clients during its initial years. They have been with us since.

1995 – 2005

Mrs. Carola Deiring becomes the sole Managing Partner of MTC GmbH in 1995.

For the next 10 years, MTC occupies an office floor in an old Villa in Frankfurt Westend. Here, there is enough space for new project teams, new ideas and the extension of its business activities.

From July 2005

MTC moves to Eschborn near Frankfurt. The large office space can also be used for the expanding storage of business clothing; sorting out the sizes and dispatch becomes easier and quicker. The proximity to the Exhibition Halls in Frankfurt and the excellent accessibility by car and train make Eschborn the ideal location.

Up to date, all projects have been coordinated centrally from here. MTC is happy about the great number of visitors – existing ones and those who wish to become acquainted with the company and its people.