Leading the way – Inspiring – Planning

We are, of course, able to accept bookings for a predetermined number of hostesses and finger food, but indeed do prefer to accompany our clients during the initial planning phases.

We know from experience that the time we take beforehand is well invested. We define the exact requirements, show possible weaknesses and give ideas.
A close and friendly coordination of all requirements leads to a well-established personnel and catering concept which will make your event a most successful experience.


Already after your initial enquiry, we will try to complete and substantiate your demands and requirements by asking specific questions.
What experience have you had during past events?
What is especially important for you?
In doing so, we are able to become acquainted with your project and can submit a suitable and customised offer.

Sometimes, at such an early stage, there is no concept at all. In that case, we would be happy to provide an initial, general and non-binding offer.

...and solutions

Our offer has drawn your interest and you would like to work with us? The next step would be a detailed analysis of all requirements – either by telephone or during a meeting with us.

We would like to see the complete scenario. Therefore, we are also interested in other participating trades and take a look at what they have in mind. We shall look at your event location – either on paper or by meeting with you on site.
We shall evaluate all possibilities and will let you know whether there are any points of concern.

A further aspect is the distribution of responsibilities by the provider of services and the client: where do they overlap? Who are the contact persons for which task? We will discuss all procedures, contribute our ideas and will establish agendas and time schedules.

We shall present our results to you directly at your premises or in our agency. We shall choose the appropriate selection of food together with you after a mutual testing lunch or dinner.

Your event was most successful. Our job has not been finalized yet. The reports submitted by our chief hostesses are evaluated and, at feedback meeting with you, summed up in order to make sure we are even better prepared for the next one. Our ultimate aim is to create long-term business relationships based on respect and confidence beyond each of our projects.