No job like any other

As a host or hostess you represent companies and organisations at national and international trade fairs and events. It’s work with plenty of versatility. Sometimes hectic. Always interesting and varied.

Numerous students work for us on a regular basis and appreciate the stimulating environment and attractive pay.

Accounting is carried out via the income tax card, and payment is of course punctual in accordance with the payment terms in your employment agreement.

Event calendar

All the upcoming events at a glance.

Pop Up Store20.02. - 31.07.2024Wetzlar
Caravan Salon30.08. - 08.09.2024Düsseldorf
SMM03.09. - 06.09.2024Hamburg
Automechanika10.09. - 14.09.2024Frankfurt
IAA Transportation17.09. - 22.09.2024Hannover
Chillventa08.10. - 10.10.2024Nürnberg
Electronica12.11. - 15.11.2024München
SPS12.11. - 14.11.2024Nürnberg


Payroll accounting

The type of employment that is settled in the case of most MTC staff is referred to as short-term employment and is free of social security payments.

This type of employment relationship is suitable for temporary part-time jobs, such as working at trade fairs and events.

The duration over the course of a calendar year is limited to a maximum of three months at a time or 70 working days. The employment must be limited from the start and may not constitute the employee’s main source of income.

Whether we can settle up with you in the context of short-term employment without social security contributions or whether this is an employment relationship subject to social security contributions depends on your status under social security law. We ask you about this in a staff questionnaire, which you should complete before your first job and renew in the case of any change but at least once a year. If we do not have any proof of your status, we have to settle with you subject to your social security contributions.

We attach great importance to settling with you punctually and correctly. The possible consequences of incorrect information or your data not being up to date may be subsequent claims for social security contributions made to you based on a company audit at MTC.

You will receive an employment agreement from MTC for the work you do at trade fairs and events. The earnings listed in your employment agreement are your gross hourly wages. This also applies to your briefing session the day before. Our accounting is based on the activity records on which your daily working hours are entered. After the accounting process is completed, we send you a payslip and the appropriate income tax certificate in the post. Please hold on to the individual documents as you will need them for your tax return.

The income from short-term employment is not tax-exempt; your work is accounted for on the income tax card. The payment amount corresponds to the net amount shown on your payslip. The composition of your wages is shown on the payslip for the appropriate accounting period with all the required information on the amount of income, supplements, deductions or other gratuities.

Only wage tax is deducted and paid to the tax office along with the solidarity surcharge / church tax, if applicable. The calculation is based on your individual wage tax deduction criteria. These are retrieved from the tax office based on your tax ID number using the ELStAM procedure (electronic wage tax deduction criteria). Depending on your annual income, you will receive most or all of your tax back in the context of your income tax return.

General information

Our teams are carefully put together for each trade fair and event with regard to the client’s objectives. You represent both the MTC agency as well as the company you are working for on site. In addition to your qualifications for the various tasks you are assigned to, current photos also a play a role of course, so we can present you to our clients in the best possible light and you get the job you want. Ideally you should send us professional photos taken by a photographer in order to create your Sed card.

The following requirements apply likewise for photos taken by a photographer and by yourself.

  • Colour portrait and full body photo in portrait format and high resolution
  • Neutral background (white or grey wall)
  • Discreetly made up, neat hairstyle and clean shaven or well-groomed beard
  • Friendly smile looking at the camera
  • Neat everyday or business attire, neutral T-shirt, classic blouse or shirt (single colour)
  • Long trousers or jeans, classic shoes or clean sneakers (whole body photo)

Please avoid the following.

  • In the background - door frames, stairs or objects such as electric sockets, pictures on walls, etc.
  • Short trousers, distressed or torn jeans, bare feet
  • Selfies and typical holiday photos

Once we have entered you in our index, you can register in our trade fair calendar for various jobs at trade fairs and events. You will also received current job offers from us by email. Please support us in our staff planning and remember to check on your availability regularly and let us know. Preferably by phone, if you wish to make changes in the short term.

Thanks to our nationwide employment system, we can offer you numerous jobs in all the major trade fair cities. However, many events also take place outside of these top ten trade show locations. The bigger your network is for private accommodation options with your family and friends, the greater the range of job offers will be for you.

You are welcome to contact us if you’re interested in a particular job, but no private overnight stays are available. With many projects we can find a solution together. MTC can reimburse travel costs depending on the project. You will be informed about the general conditions in each case along with the job offers.

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