Professional and committed

Our hostesses and service personnel have extensive knowledge in the service business to be able to take care of your guests.

Highly motivated, they still smile after a long day´s work; a positive attitude which reflects on your guests.

Our experienced product presenters are most cosmopolitan, well-spoken and well familiar with your products after having gone through training by your company.
We have access to an entire network of professionals for specific duties e.g. a barista in the coffee bar or the perfect bartender.

Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

Already when putting our crew together, we make sure that each crew member is allocated according to language requirements and capabilities as well as experience in the corresponding trade branch. Each crew member is thoroughly prepared for the duties lying ahead and is briefed by a chief hostess on site. On the first briefing day of a large trade fair, our internal project managers are present to ensure that everything works out perfectly from the first day onwards.

Our chief hostesses prepare detailed reports after each assignment to ensure continuous quality assurance. The performance by each hostess and organizational details are kept hold of in the report – a solid basis for feedback meetings with our clients.

Should something not work out as planned, we regard it as a challenge and work on it. Even after 25 years, we still have the ambition to learn.