Staff for trade fairs and events

A company is always identified with the people who represent it.

Suitable external employees form an integral part of your business’ overall appearance at corporate events.

We are aware of this responsibility and recruit attractive and committed hosts and hostesses, student service staff and product presenters for you.

Many new employees have already gained experience in other jobs. Intensive selection interviews are required in order to put together balanced teams with an awareness of service, personality and a sense of togetherness.

We value different capabilities and encourage the development of personal goals.

We achieve motivation and the best possible performance from all crew members through effective leadership, functioning communication and a clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities.

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Trade fairs

Cooperation and cohesion

We want to be good hosts and pursue our common goals with team spirit.

In personnel planning we make sure each team member is assigned to the right position in accordance with the relevant areas of activity. Everyone is specifically prepared for their work and given instruction on site by a chief host or chief hostess.

Our team leaders are responsible for coordinating procedures and numerous administrative tasks. They act as a link between the client and our employees and are our point of contact to the agency.

After the show is before the show. Feedback and feed-forward are a major part of the follow-up and analysis of what is expected and implemented. Comprehensive internal reports on programme details, a critique of manoeuvres and client and supplier feedback ensure ongoing quality control. We document the findings we gain in order to organise future projects.

With exceptional service awareness, our hosts and hostesses take care of your guests’ needs and well-being both in front of and behind the scenes.

They carry out general information and coordination assignments, also in cooperation with the company’s own employees, in a friendly and capable manner.

We stand for:

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Lead
  • Motivate
  • Encourage
  • Learn
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Expertise and commitment

We also place motivated and attractive young people to look after guests.

At general meetings we take responsibility for all the support activities for shareholders, from greeting and accrediting to guidance and voting. Bank counters and press desks as well as the back office are also in good hands with our employees.

At congresses or dealer events we pick participants up at the airport, coordinate the shuttle transportation and organise the reception at the hotel. We guide guests and speakers through the event location and are available at the information desk to respond to questions. VIP hosts and hostesses look after important guests, while multilingual hosts and hostesses help to make international visitors feel at ease.

At corporate celebrations and receptions our event hosts and hostesses are responsible for monitoring arrivals, registration and seating and they act as capable and friendly contacts.

Organising any event includes detailed staff planning. From the reception to the final farewell, we adopt an individual approach to deploying our staff.

Promotion Promotion

Promotion and product advice

Campaigning and communication

With our promotional staff we take care of your campaigns on the trade fair stand, at point of sale or in city centres. Competitions, costume promotion, distributing giveaways and flyers generate new contacts and create intensive points of contact with your products.

Our product presenters present your new products. Their strong communication skills and technical affinity along with intensive training guarantee target-oriented advice. Guides expertly accompany visitors around the stand and are familiar with all the exhibits.

Our students enjoy conveying their knowledge by actively addressing visitors and inspiring potential customers to embrace your products and services.

The success of our promotional campaigns and product presentations is based on our focus on specific target groups. We create the human connection.

Social skills

Perfect service is more than just a job, it’s an attitude. We pay attention to good manners and politeness. Just as important are enjoying dealing with people, being able to work in a team and under pressure.

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Flawless appearance

We are happy to rent clothing for any booked MTC staff.

A uniform team outfit conveys a professional impression.

At our head office we have an extensive pool of different models.

This range includes costumes, sheath dresses and dirndls für information and guest support, bistro outfits for the catering service. Various accessories such as scarves and ties complete the desired combination.

By working with designers, we can also satisfy special requests.

Individuality is very important to us. We develop clothing designs for CI-compliant trade fair clothing in small and large runs and provide high-quality textile finishing.

A uniform conveys capability. Guests and customers recognise the staff responsible and their role at first glance.

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